Employers & Recruiters

  1. 1. How do I register for an Employer or Recruiter Account?

    Click on the Employer or Recruiter tab at the top of the screen.

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  2. 2. How do I post a job?

    To post a job, you will need to login to your account, or register as an Employer/Recruiter.  If you have already purchased job posting credits, click on Create / Edit / View / Manage Jobs to post a job.

    If you have not yet purchased job posting credits you will need to purchase credits either in single quantities or in money-saving bulk packages.  Simply login to your account or register your account and follow the instructions to purchase. After you purchase credits, you can then post anytime.

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  3. 3. What is a job number? Is it required?

    A Job Number is a reference code (letters or numbers) that you assign to the posting if you wish; it is not required. It is simply a way of keeping track of multiple job postings.

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  4. 4. I clicked “Save” but I don’t see my job posting on the site?

    Once a job has been submitted, it is active on the site immediately; there is no waiting period. If this didn't work, you will need to re-enter the job posting information (see How do I post a job?) or feel free to email the posting to [email protected] with your company account information and we will post the job on your behalf.

    Our site will time you out if it takes longer than 1/2 hour to post your job.  This is a security feature.  It is not a bug or glich in our site, and as such it cannot be changed.

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  5. 5. How do I start searching for resumes?

    Once you are logged into your account, and purchased resume search services, your resume search will be active immediately and will expire to the exact second at which you purchased.  For example, if you purchased a 48 hour resume search, the resume search will expire in exactly 48 hours to the second. Resume search services include Saturdays and Sundays.

    After you purchase resume search, select Advanced Resume Search on the left hand side menu under Search Resumes. This will bring you to a page of search options. You can search by keywords, resume number, city, province, education, expertise area and/or years of experience. To narrow down your search, select more than one search criteria by holding down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple options.

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  6. 6. I only see a “Profile” which has no resume, is that it?

    When jobseekers register they have the option of creating only a "Profile".  This profile is an anonymous snapshot of their skills and experience.  The jobseeker has decided not to post further information including their full contact information or a resume, because they do not want anyone to know who they are. 

    Jobseekers who choose to post their qualifications in this way usually do so because they are currently employed and do not want their employer to know they are looking for work.

    Our system allows you to contact this candidate by clicking a contact button to the right of the profile information.  You will be prompted with a box in which you can insert your email to be sent to the jobseeker.  Please include directions as to how you want the jobseeker to reply with his or her application.

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  7. 7. How can I contact “Jobseekers”?

    Once you have found “Jobseekers” that you wish to contact, you have the option of contacting them via the information (if) provided in their resume: either phone or email.

    Some Jobseekers have opted to remain anonymous; in that case the only way to contact them is via email through charityworldworks.ca using the Contact Jobseeker button at the top-right of their resume. This will bring up a text box for you to enter a message for “Jobseekers”, in addition you have the option of changing the “From Address” and “Subject” lines that automatically pop up. When “Jobseekers” receive the email they are prompted to respond if they are interested or indicate if they are not interested. If for whatever reason, the “Jobseeker” is not interested in the specific job opportunity detailed in the email, you will receive an email notifying you, that this “Jobseeker” is not interested. Additionally a note is saved to the “Jobseeker’s” individual notes recording your actions for your future reference.

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  1. 1. How do I register for a Jobseeker Account?

    Register a Jobseeker account by clicking on the Jobseeker tab at the top of the home page.  Fill out the required information. Don't forgot to add your name and address, resume, cover letters and work-related documents.

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  2. 2. What is a “Quick Profile”?

    The first page of the registration process creates a basic profile for you.  This profile will include only your core expertise areas, educational qualifications, city and province, whether or not you will relocate and your salary expectations.  If you stop at this point, Employers and Recruiters will only be able to see very basic information about you.  They will still be able to contact you via email through Charityworldworks.ca but they may not get a full picture of how you fit their needs and as such may chose not to contact you.

    The best way to ensure you are getting as many calls from Employers and Recruiters is to continue on with your registration process to post a resume, your full contact info, a cover letter and work-related documents.

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  3. 3. I have made changes to my resume but I don’t see them in my account

    If you have chosen to make changes or updates to your resume, you must click the "Save" tab at the bottom of the screen in order for changes to be saved.

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  4. 4. Do I have to upload a full resume? Should I?

    It is not required to upload a full resume on the site; it is however, suggested and encouraged. In order to register, you are only required to complete a “Profile” which ALL Employers/Recruiter will see about you if you do not include your full resume. By uploading your full detailed resume, it will increase the chances of Employers/Recruiters contacting you since they have more information about your skills and experience. For “Jobseekers” who have opted to remain anonymous, you can include a full resume but remember to remove your name and personal information before copying it into the text box provided. Also, Jobseekers with full resumes are often entered into random draws for exciting prizes given away by Charityworldworks.ca.

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  5. 5. Cover Letters

    You have the option of creating a cover letter to submit alongside with your Online application. To create a Cover Letter, select “Create Cover Letter” on the left hand side menu. Copy and paste your cover letter into the text box provided and give your letter a name. The “Letter Name” will not be viewable to Employers/Recruiters but will help you keep track of customized cover letters. Once you are done, click “Submit”. You can save multiple cover letters and tailor each to individual job opportunities. When “Applying Online” you are given the option to select which cover letter to include for the Employer/Recruiter to review with your application.

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