conseils de CV des demandeurs d'emploi sans but lucratif

Le CV est un élément clé de toute demande d'emploi, et de postuler à un emploi à but non lucratif est pas différent. La question est: comment rédiger un CV pour un emploi à but non lucratif différent d'écrire un pour une position de l'entreprise et comment pouvez-vous créer un CV qui vous commercialise efficacement à un public à but non lucratif ?

The resume is a key part of any job application, and applying for a nonprofit job is no different. The question is, how is writing a resume for a nonprofit job different from writing one for a corporate position and how can you create a resume that effectively markets yourself to a nonprofit audience?

1. Focus on Culture Fit
2. Opt for a Chronological Resume
3. Tailor your Resume to the Position
4. Demonstrate your Connection to the Organization's Mission
5. Use Accessible Language
6. Quantify and Qualify your Experience
7. Choose Every Word Carefully
8. Keep Your Format Simple
9. Include Current Contact Information
10. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

Taking the time to create a targeted and polished resume can make all the difference in your nonprofit job search. A thoughtful and well-written resume helps a potential nonprofit employer evaluate your application against the qualifications and requirements of the position and decide whether to pursue your candidacy further. It is your job to make sure they have plenty of reasons to invite you for an interview!